Software for small businesses: why are they important?

One of the criteria for modern companies to be considered really competitive is the technology they use. A company that does not use technological tools to optimize its processes tends to be outdated and to lose potential before the competition that adopts innovative tools.

Micro and small companies must update themselves and acquire software to improve the management of their processes. For smaller companies, the technology can effectively be a great differential and does not necessarily need to imply very high costs.

Read the post and see the advantages of keeping a software for small businesses!

Extend the ease of planning and strategic analysis

The number one advantage of purchasing software for small businesses is that it provides more organization in the presentation of information, making the process more transparent and more accessible.

When the manager can monitor the control and performance evaluation indexes, decision making becomes more practical, as well as the possibility of creating strategies.

Reduce your errors and the costs involved in the business

The software also allows you to standardize the activities performed by the company’s employees. The information will be continuously updated and available in real time. Consequently, there will be a drop in the number of errors made, which are more common when the activities are performed manually.

There will also be fewer errors in data processing. This operation, when performed manually, involves very relevant probabilities of failures due to their complexity.

With an automated system, the speed with which the processes will be carried out, involving a smaller amount of errors, favors a better productivity and, as a result, it is natural that the company increases its profitability.

It is still customary, in some small companies, to use the traditional spreadsheet model. This methodology involves more costs and is subject to more failures. For example, labor involves a higher expense, considering that it is necessary to enter the same information in two or more different locations.

Another cost associated with the spreadsheet model is that of rework, resulting from problems caused by the absence or delay of information.

Conquer the integration of sectors

Small business software also promotes integration between different sectors of a company. This integration makes it easier for employees to access the information they need to perform their next tasks.

The integration of the sectors allows the unification of operations in a centralized place. The integrated data makes business management simpler, even if there are many branches inside or outside the city.

Rework tends to be eliminated. Time management is also improved, giving employees more freedom to carry out their activities.

Enforce highly effective enforcement

One of the ways in which the company avoids fines from inspection agencies and acts legally is by paying its taxes on time and delivering the SPED (Public System of Digital Bookkeeping) duly filled out and on the right date.

A good business software contemplates this issue and keeps updates on the legislation, optimizing the tax management of small and micro companies. Brazil’s tax legislation is often criticized due to its instability, i.e., it is common for changes to occur that require new positioning of the company in relation to the tax process.

The manager will be able to fulfill his obligations to the government by receiving support from the software, reducing or eliminating the amount of irregularities and thus avoiding the harsh penalties of the tax authorities.

Have much more security

With automatic data management it is more difficult for some form of fraud to happen or for some confidential information to leak, coming to the attention of third parties or malicious people.

By using software for small businesses, the manager can optimize the security of the system. Generally, the software uses different resources to ensure security, such as the adoption of passwords, automatic blocking, encryption and others.

Structure processes more smoothly

When you use spreadsheets for business control, the sale is posted manually. The employee responsible posts the retirement to the inventory management spreadsheet and updates the inventory balance. The financial statement is then updated and the process continues.

The automated system performs these tasks automatically and synchronously between them, which gives fluidity to the processes, while eliminating the waste of material, labor and time.

Increase sales

When you use spreadsheets, the budget is posted, but the receipt or return is not confirmed. This can cause the sale to be forgotten or even lost.

The software has a system of automatic verification and prevent this from happening. They issue every day the reports with the proposals, the current situation and what actions can be taken.

Enrich your management

Small business software helps improve management in a number of ways: chain-selling with invoice issuance; romanny for picking and shipping goods; low inventory; minimum inventory control; production of purchase orders; updating the financial system to ensure control over revenues and expenses; and many other operations and processes that are automated.

In this way, the manager keeps under constant monitoring the expenses, the planning of activities, the organization of the schedule and so on.

Have more flexibility

Micro and small companies are characterized by their agility and flexibility to adapt to current market conditions or consumer demands. Without this, it is not possible to make sales.

A good software allows, exactly, the effectiveness of these adjustments to keep the business competitive and always working, with the necessary flexibility and scalability that favor its adaptation to different scenarios and situations and contribute to its expansion.

Plan for the long term

Even if it is not an easy task, the manager should always think in the long term. After all, no serious entrepreneur wants to open a business today to close in six months or a year.

The automated system works as an ally for long-term management. It should provide a satisfactory cost-benefit over time and business use.

Choose software for small businesses

You already know all the benefits that this technology feature is capable of bringing. Now is the time to define how it should be selected so that it actually offers these points.

There are many possibilities in the market, so it is fundamental to know which is the ideal one. Next, learn how to select the best software for small businesses and get your questions answered.

Know the needs of the business

Above all, a resource of this type has to be useful for your enterprise. It is essential that it can solve most problems in a practical way and to add value to all processes.

If your business has had difficulties with default, there is no point in hiring software that does not help you make collections. If the attraction of customers is a concern, it is necessary to have a module focused on attraction campaigns. Thus, you can identify what is a priority and ends with a system that offers what is really useful.