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How to create a successful corporate blog

Many companies today feel a growing need to communicate better with their customers, suppliers and market peers. A large part of this need arises precisely from the customers’ demand for a more personalized and interactive communication channel.

And a great model of business-client communication is the so-called corporate blog, a place where the company uses a team of professionals (from the company or contractors) to create posts, graphics, videos, images, etc., on various topics that are useful to readers.

Therefore, and given the relevance of the theme, we decided to create this guide with some basic tips to help you and your company in creating a successful corporate blog, follow:

Reasons to have a corporate blog

There are several reasons why a company decides to start and maintain a corporate blog on its website, below we will list some of them:

Increased interaction with customers

The more your company interacts with your customers, the better, right? Therefore, maintaining a blog with quality content for your company will help a lot in the relationships between it and the people who buy its products and services. This way, if the corporate blog is well conducted, in order to become closer to people every day, the probability of your customers (current and new) to be even more interested in your company is very high.

This interaction via blog is also essential for the company to know the desires, doubts and complaints of its customers. Therefore, always pay special attention to this powerful vehicle in your communications.

Increased relevance of the company

Keeping a good content published in its blog, the company will conquer new readers every day, increasing its exposure and generating new comments on the topics addressed. Thus, the probability of your corporate blog becoming a reference in your market is very high, thus creating a new channel of communication and dissemination of knowledge for the company, increasing its relevance to real and potential customers.

Increasing the reach of the company’s network

With your blog on the air, it is likely that other companies will have access to it, making it a real business showcase. Therefore, it is essential that the published content is always reviewed and treated as an added value for the company. It is also important that published content is not offensive to customers or other companies.

Creation of an institutional communication channel

It is not always recommended that a corporate blog becomes an institutional channel of the company, but nothing prevents the company from using it to convey an official communication, clarification note about a manufacturing defect or error in some promotional campaign etc.. The ideal is to know how to mix the two types of communication vehicle, always prioritizing the interests of the final reader.

Benefits of maintaining a corporate blog

There are several benefits for the company that decides to maintain a real corporate blog. Fábio Cipriani, author of the book Corporate Blog, which became a reference in the subject, cited in his blog some of these benefits, see:

  • Place your CEO or professional as trend leaders, experts in the subject, project the company’s image;
  • Humanize the company by giving it a face and consequently greater transparency;
  • Improve the relationship with its clients;
  • Tool for internal or external support of your products or services;
  • Promote your brand;
  • Source of information about the company, reversing the relationship between the company and the press;
  • Building relationships with potential partners and stakeholders;
  • Maintain contact with customers and partners through an accessible channel;
  • Promote a product or receive help to develop new products;
  • Recruit employees;
  • Increase traffic to your website.

Care when creating a corporate blog

Before creating a corporate blog, it is necessary that the company keep in mind that the customer who accesses its blog, most of the time, is not doing it in search of products to buy. Unfortunately, many companies create this type of blog just to push new products and services on their customers, which in most cases does not work as they expect. That is, instead of attracting customers, the company is pushing them away.

Therefore, it is important to take this care, always striving to convey relevant information on the blog, such as topics about its market, or benefits of products in general, information about professionals in the area, etc..

Obviously, it is no mortal sin for a company to want to obtain some financial return from its blog, but it is necessary to find the right way to do so. The recipe for success in these cases is to use and abuse moderation and common sense.

Another caution that must be taken is the excessive moderation of the content by the owners of the company. This practice can cause a lot of relevant (but not secret) information to stop being shared due to pure prejudice with the format of blogs. Some conservative executives are still very afraid of this type of vehicle, so it is necessary to know well what will be done and how this interaction will be done through the corporate blog.

Examples to follow

As always, there are companies that come out ahead and stand out from the rest, performing a job that deserves to be recognized. I will cite below some examples of corporate blogs that dominate this art of interacting intelligently with their consumers.

  • Thinking Big – Microsoft’s Blog for Businesses
  • DoceBlog – Doce Shop Blog
  • Tecnisa’s Blog – Tecnisa’s Blog
  • ALE Blog – Blog of the ALE network of gas stations
  • Boo-box Blog – Boo-box Company Blog
  • Saia do Lugar – Entrepreneurial Blog
  • T-Shirt Blog – T-Shirt Company Blog

The creation of a corporate blog is a very interesting investment for a company. It can offer several possibilities of company-customer interaction, through posts, chats, games, promotions and much more. There are also many approaches that can be explored in these vehicles. It is up to the company to identify the profile of its consumers and the topics that they would like to follow the most in the blog.

Finally, take note of the topics discussed above, adapt them to the needs of your company and customers, create an interesting and differentiated form of interaction and start to reap the fruits of your bet. We wish you good business with your corporate blog.