Buying Used Car

For many consumers, buying a new car is no longer realistic, as new cars are becoming more expensive. Buying a second-hand car allows the consumer to buy the make and model of the car he wants so that he cannot afford to buy a new car. Second-hand cars can be purchased from a small batch of second-hand cars, from an authorised dealer of the manufacturer, or from an individual vehicle owner.

Regardless of where the car is bought, there are many things to look out for, for example when someone says they drove the car through 50 to 150 checkpoints. All this means that they had a checklist and can ensure that the car has tires and breaks do not fall out. The best used car will have one owner who has taken care of it and who has an accident-free history. It is not uncommon for many used cars to have been the subject of previous accidents, to be used as a rental car, to have its odometer turned back, and even to be considered a lemon. Here are some helpful tips when you are looking for and buying a used car.


We have all seen ads in which a small fox pops up between the seller and the customer, telling the seller to show carfax. Carfax is a leading database on the history of automobiles and presents the history of the vehicle, including damage due to an accident, the number of owners, mileage markings at different stages, and then the vehicle was reported as a total loss, as well as the history of service and maintenance. Most dealers have access to Carfax and use it regularly. Ask to see the Carfax report how each retailer will have it. If the retailer does not provide you with a report, you can take a look at another car or dealer. If you do your homework on the line before going to the dealer or buying from someone who doesn’t have a report for you, you can access it for about $30 by going to the website; all you have to do is have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Warranty History Report

Keeping a warranty history report is the second nature of an authorized dealer. The report will include a list of all vehicle repairs during the warranty period. It is best to buy a used car from a dealer who sells the same brand of new cars, so if you buy a used Chevrolet, try buying it from a Chevrolet dealer for a new car. If you are buying a Chevy from a Toyota dealer, you can take a VIN from one dealer and move on to another. Ask your service provider for a warranty history report that will show you all vehicle repairs under warranty.

Bring a mechanic

It will not hurt to take your own mechanic with you during the research of a used car. Ask them to look at the car, drive it, check it under the bonnet and look under the car. A well-trained mechanic can tell you if your vehicle has been properly used up or damaged in an accident, and he will tell you what to expect from the repair.

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