5 Best Trends in Business IT

Technology is growing fast, but it is changing faster. You use technology to keep up with your coworkers and ultimately to keep up with the competition. All this speed can make a person dizzy if he or she is not beyond the curve. Understanding trends in technology can mean the difference between revenue growth on the one hand and a failed business model on the other. In this article, I will help you place yourself in front of the curve by showing you what is on the horizon in computer business. Some of the trends that I discuss are already here, but they are in the early stages of implementation. Either way, by understanding these trends, you’ll be years ahead of your competitors who don’t do so.

Trend #1: Cloud Computing is a wave of the future

Centralizing data and applications on the Internet, i.e. cloud computing, is probably the most important paradigm shift taking place today. Instead of running a LAN (local area network), with all the workstations connected and security concerns, you do everything on a hosted Internet solution. The old security problems associated with connecting the network to the Internet are gone, because all of your business is already on the Internet. Users communicate with data using the so-called thin-client technology, the so-called thin-client technology, or so-called mannequins. These new age workstations don’t store anything on your hard drive, they simply work with data and applications that are already online.

Trend #2: Mobile computers are here to stay

If you can’t respond to emails on your smartphone, you need to catch up with today’s technology. The trend towards the use of mobile devices such as BlackBerry and iPhone is here. In the future, as the number of apps explodes, more and more functionality will be offered on mobile devices. Your business will be run on the move, in real time, without the need for subsequent synchronization. Business communication is now mobile and it’s time to join the trend!

Trend #3: Social Networking is a new paradigm of business communication

Does your business have marketing tools that use websites such as Facebook and Twitter? Open data sharing and transparency is a new trend in communication. Many companies, including Best Buy, have advertising campaigns that use Twitter. At the heart of this trend is the intrinsic strength of a set of socially connected people, regardless of the platform. Companies will create environments like this on their intranets for their employees to share ideas and solve problems like never before.

Trend #4: New trendy products include Netbook

You may have seen them around. A small (10 inches!) laptop designed for wireless communication and Internet access. Many manufacturers are keen on this trend, trying to produce the perfect mobile internet device. This product has synergy with the cloud because it is perfect for remote access to web applications. This type of product will be further developed as the future in the cloud continues to grow.

Trend #5: A virtual new world

Virtualization of servers, resembling a single server impersonating 5 servers and pulling it away, is a new world of network computing systems. It’s a virtual reality for business. What would you prefer to do, spend $100,000 on 4 new servers or install software that creates 5 servers in 1? This cost effective way to deal with the flood of data in today’s business is another trend you have to face.

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